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Incidence of colon cancer in the US is decreasing

Research, published today, by the American Cancer Society shows that the incidence of colorectal cancer among adults aged 50 years or more has fallen by 30% in the US.

Study provides better understanding of chromosome errors

A new study from the University of Southampton has provided scientists with a better understanding of why chromosome errors are high in women's eggs. It is estimated that up to 60 per cent of eggs are affected by errors in how their chromosomes divide, making it the leading cause of infertility. Chromosome errors also lead to conditions such as Down Syndrome and early pregnancy loss.

Ultrasound Elastography Improves Diagnosis of Liver Disease

Elastography is a non-invasive method that measures the stiffness of the tissue using ultrasound to help in the assessment of liver disease. It is performed with a Siemens ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system.

Cannabis and NTRR poised to outpace expansion

Cannabis is among the fastest-growing markets in the U.S., poised to outpace the expansion of the global smartphone marketand Neutra Corp. (OTCBB: NTRR) is readying a diverse product line to capitalize on that growth.

Researchers use "big data" analytics

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University and colleagues used "big data" analytics to predict if a patient is suffering from aggressive triple-negative breast cancer.

Pioneering Healthcare in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro radiologist Romeu Domingues, MD, faces considerable logistical and entrepreneurial challenges: How to create a unified corporate culture across the 26 brands of DASA.

Study provides evidence that sepsis-related mortality steadily decreased

The study is being released early to coincide with its presentation at the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.

Healthcare in India: Trends and Insights

Medical Solutions travelled the length and breadth of India to talk to the countrys healthcare leaders. How do they meet the challenges facing their country ?